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 Chinzo Chat

 All Narmai-Mongolian cyber guys:
"Lets return former Chinggis Khan's territory by SOFTWARE Attack"

 About me :
                        Nick Name              Dr.Chinzo  or  Mr.Chinaboy
                        Best known title       Advanced Technological & Industrial Catcher-Spy
                        Year of born           Dog
                        Zodiac                     Archery
                        Education               High, Master of Operations Research
                        Profession               Mathematics, Software engineer, 3D Gfx creator, Network administrator
                        Language                Russian (excellent), English (good) and Chinese (good)
                        Job                           Ex-NetAdmin (MongolTrans Co., LTD)
                                                         Tour guide (OrientStar Intl Travel & Tour Co.,LTD)
                                                         C.E.O (AGA MEDIA GROUP LTD)
                        Intellectual level        195
                        Used computer languages : C++, J++, Perl, ActiveX
                        Used OS                              : WINDOWS, OS/2, LINUX
                        Used platforms                   : IBM PC & compatible,  IBM AS/400,
                                                                       APPLE MACINTOSH, SUN Spark & Solaris
                        Projects  : MSA - Mongolian Software Attack (Lets return former occupied by Genggis khans
                                          territory by SOFTWARE )
                                        UNL - Universal Networking Language - Real-Time language [speech] translator
                                           between 13 useful languages (Under financial and technical support of Japanese gov.)
                        Hobby  :    Music, 3D design, Adventures, Trip in wild nature, some hack

Links:    [XFiles][PSB On-Line][Favourities][WebMail][MSNetChat][My-Software][Cynergetic Theory]
                         [Hacker Tools][Cracker Tools][WorldSecretServices]
                         [Free downloads][MOD's][Search Engine][Fighters][World Countries][Job opportunity]
                         [Clips][Chechnya][Modern MGL Songs][EuroDance80]

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